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A paid consultation includes a 30 minute phone conversation regarding your immigration questions and concerns.

You can book a consultation here

I am available to consult on various immigration matters, including:

  • Non-immigrant visas (H-1B, TN, L-1, E-3) and their dependent visas (H-4, TD, L-2, E-3D)

  • F-1 visas, including CPT, OPT, & STEM OPT issues

  • H-1B cap petitions, amendments, transfers, and extensions

  • H-1B RFE issues: Specialty Occupation, Right to Control, Services at a Third Party Offsite, VIBE/Employer Information, In-House employment, and Availability of Specialty Occupation Work

  • OPT/STEM OPT RFE issues: Employment History, Address History, Maintenance of Status, and Bona Fide Employer-Employee Relationship

  • I-9 compliance and training for employers

  • STEM OPT & I-983 training plan compliance for employers

  • Litigation for H-4 EAD delays & shortened H-1B approvals

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