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USCIS Reminds F-1 Students in OPT to Update Employer Info in SEVIS

Today USCIS sent a news alert to the public reminding F-1 students who are in post-completion OPT, as well as their DSOs, to update employer information in SEVIS, including unemployment data. The current federal regulations require F-1 students to notify their DSO within 10 days of any changes to their personal or employment information. Similarly, DSOs are required to update SEVIS with the student’s information within 21 days. The reminder from USCIS was sent so that F-1 students and DSOs continue to properly comply with the requirements.

F-1 students and DSOs must make sure to timely enter updated employer information in SEVIS, so that the student’s record remains current and reflects actual employment data. Each day without employer information in SEVIS will be counted towards the total number of unemployment days allowed. F-1 students in post-completion OPT must not accrue more than 90 days of unemployment. If a student or DSO fails to update accurate employment data in SEVIS, several actions can occur:

  • The student exceeds unemployment limits, and therefore failing to maintain F-1 nonimmigrant status, rendering them removable, unless they are otherwise in a period of authorized stay;

  • SEVP can set the student’s SEVIS record to “terminated” if they have exceeded unemployment limits;

  • USCIS can initiate revocation proceedings for an F-1 student’s EAD card if they have exceeded unemployment limits; and

  • The exceeding of unemployment limits can have a negative affect on future benefit requests filed with USCIS.

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